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Fresh Air = Happiness

I am not a runner and don’t think I ever will be. However, I love going on long walks and love being in the fresh air!

Without realising, when I lived in London, I walked around a lot. Fifteen minutes to the tube station in the morning, fifteen minutes to the office once I was in Moorgate, a ten-twenty minute walk at lunch time, a walk to the shops to buy milk and a walk to the gym in the evenings and on the weekends. I moved back home to Nairobi a few years ago and immediately noticed a change in my skin, health and general wellbeing as I literally stopped walking. I work from home - so that cut out a lot of the walking -and I drove everywhere...

Walking at a good pace will strengthen your heart and lungs,

tone your legs, help with weight management and may decrease your risk of some cancers. But particularly, walking will lift your spirits!

Walking is one of the most simple and effective forms of exercise. Yes, I do love weight training and interval training and the way that intense exercise makes me feel (amazing!!) – but I believe that spending time in the fresh air, being around nature and moving your body can make you feel calmer and happier ! This morning I went on a lovely 10km walk with my family and little dog to Karura Forest in Nairobi – pure bliss.

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